About Us
Transfaire is a French-Russian company, founded in 1992 in Saint Petersburg by Vincent Laulhere, a french entrepreneur and engineer.

The name of the company “Transfaire” connotes transfer of know-how ( “Transfert de savoir-faire” in French). Thus we find and choose the best available in the world solutions and technologies for agricultural and industrial businesses and transfer them to the Russian market, providing consulting, installation, consumables and all other services related to the use of new services, technologies and equipment. 

Since its 29 years of existence, Transfaire has taken the leading position in both industrial and agricultural markets in Russia. Our “agricultural branch” focuses on dairy farming -  everything a modern farm can need: from cows to milking robots. Another “industrial branch” is focused on processing and pumping technologies,especially in food, cosmetics and pharma industries. 

  • Our mission is to help agricultural and industrial clients to optimise their businesses by providing workable solutions and effective technologies.
  • Our goal is to transfer technologies : Transfaire follows innovations developed in the world and chooses the best ones which are suitable for conditions and demands in Russia.    
  • Our vision is to decrease the impact of industrial and agricultural businesses on the environment through “smart” technologies, which reduce natural resource consumption and provide low-cost solutions.

The two head offices of Transfaire are located in Paris, France, and Saint Petersburg, Russia.  The regional headquarters are in Moscow, Vologda, Voronej, Kazan and Krasnoyarsk, and we cover the rest of Russia with a growing network of more than 25 dealers.  

Today Transfaire is proud of having hundreds of successful projects, more than 4000 grateful clients in Russia, including international companies such as Danone, Unilever, L’Orèal, British American Tobacco, PepsiCo and Royal Canin.

We regard our suppliers as customers, with all the care and understanding we can provide. As a result,Transfaire has a large number of long-term partnerships, some of them exclusive, with major industrial companies all over the world.  

They trust us as we offer an easy way to export and sell equipment and solutions in the Russian market providing all 4 keystones to success:

  • People - a network of high-class sales, product managers and service engineers, most of who speak English and French;
  • Logistics - a very well-developed and proven international logistics supported by great experience in undergoing custom clearances.
  • Warehouses to stock equipment and consumables
  • Qualified service available around the clock to ensure guarantee periods and general operation of the equipment.

Bringing together unmatched international sales and logistics expertise and a thorough understanding of “Russian” business needs, we carry out ambitious projects with regards to changing market trends and support the highest quality standards of our solutions and services.

How to find us:

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